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Forest Properties, Inc.

201 Pomona Drive, Suite K, Greensboro, NC  27407            Phone: (336) 299-8825   Fax: (336)-299-8344


We have been watching and waiting to hear from other owners about property management for your rental home and to also hear from prospective tenants to help them find their new place.  

As you can see from our listing, the listings we have are going fast, so be the first this season to list your home or to look for a new place.

Give us a call today so we can get started helping freshen up your investment.  

We have a waiting list for residents anxious to make their move but we need inventory to offer them - contact us today to list your home.

Contact us at 336-299-8825 or



No matter what season, there is always a home waiting just for you and your family.

Visit our inventory listing today to find your new home !